P.R. - On Top of a Bridge

Concept Album



Genre: Progressive Dub Rock

Length: 80 minutes, 13 Tracks

Format: CD + photo book (54 pages) + digital download



„On top of a bridge“ is the name of my first solo album under the name P.R. It began as a colorful mix of my thoughts, ideas, questions, emotions, and experiences in the last few years. It consists of various older songs I had written between 2007 and 2013 but hadn’t recorded up until now. I revised, arranged, and realized them in the way I would like to hear them today, in 2021. Aside from the drums, I play all the instruments myself and produce the album on my own.


The recordings will be released in combination with an extensive photo book, containing paintings, drawings and photos by the artist SARAH LUDES. This book will interpret and complement the songs, lyrics, topics and emotions visually in order to form an interdisciplinary work of art.


Due to various professional and personal reasons, this album took me long to finish. While I was revising it again and again, those 13 different songs - originally written in different periods of my life - grew into one concept album. It deals with depression, which has influenced my whole life in different ways. Starting off at a point where there's nothing to gain or to lose - on top of a bridge - it takes a look at the Ups and Downs of being human. As the journey dives deeper and deeper into my thoughts and feelings, it goes along despair and hope, belief and loss of faith, pain and redemption, meaning and vacuity, ignorance and passion, humor and hate, destruction and beauty. It's about the great and the trivial, the personal and the political questions of life and why we are asking them.



01. What I'm Living For

02. Waiting

03. I Fall

04. What Do You Want from Me?

05. Why Are You Here?

06. Keep Us Away

07. A Life to Smile

08. Just Another Day

09. Sunken Bridges

10. Fear & Love

11. I Hate

12. After the Storm

13. Mist & Black Mud



All songs written and arranged by P.R.

Cello, keys, e-bass, percussion & vocals - P.R.

Drums - David Rittel

Recording, mixing & production - P.R.

Artwork - Sarah Ludes