ALMOST UNDER (2012-2018)

Almost Under was a Progressive String Pop trio. Our music was a mix of mainly trip hop, dub and electro pop, created only with our stringed instruments, our voices, and our effects pedals - entirely without computer-generated or pre-recorded samples.


FLOODHEAD (2011-2017)

Floodhead played „Fudge Rock“. Audio-visual, self-made and a little psychedelic. The audible spanned from progressive ballads, to atmospheric reggae beats, to epic guitar riffs. The visual was colorful, direct, and pleasantly chaotic.


PAUL&MIKE (2012-2016)

The acoustic duo Paul&Mike had a repertoire of both original compositions and innovative cover versions of our favourite songs. We combined elements from rock, pop, reggae, funk, blues, and folk with the rather unusual instrumentation of cello, guitar and voice. 


SD'N'O (2013-2015)

SD'n'O ("Sex, Drugs & Offbeats") was a Reggae band from Arnhem (NL). We were six musicians, united through our passion for pulsing roots-rhythms, atmospheric dub-sounds, and bombastic rock riffs. The result was extremely energetic and danceable music!