At the moment, I am working on two different settings in which to realize my music on stage:


My main band consists of five people. We are currently rehearsing for the release concert of my album "On top of a bridge" and working towards the perfect live sound for my "progressive dub rock" music . This band also forms the basis for interdisciplinary projects and collaborations with other musicians.

PR – 5-string-cello, keys & vocals

David Rittel – Drums & backing vocals

 Mirco Wessolly – Strings and backing vocals

Jan-Felix Rohde – Guitars and keys

Joris Geisselbrecht – Bass

PR Unplugged

 Aside from my main band, I am also performing with a smaller duo version. We try to realize "progressive dub rock" in a strictly acoustic setting.


At our concerts we present songs from my album "On top of a bridge" and other compositions of mine. Furthermore, our repertoire contains a few cover versions of some of the musicians that influence and inspire me the most, such as David Bowie, Bob Marley or the Dave Matthews Band.


The combination of my custom-made 5-string-cello and the darbuka creates a rather unusual acoustic duo sound, allowing to be described as "ethno funk" or "songwriter jungle".

PR - 5-string-cello & vocals

David Rittel - Percussion & backing vocals